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Google Translate Provider

This provider uses the Text-to-Speech functionality from Google Translate. Not to be confused with Cloud Text-to-Speech from Google Cloud.

ℹī¸ Source Information

This provider uses the library google-tts which creates the Google Translate URLs with the TTS stream based on the message. This library is unofficial.

🌎 Language Support

This provider offers support for the following languages:

Language Language Code Command
đŸ‡ŋđŸ‡Ļ Afrikaans af /google_set_my language af
🇸đŸ‡Ļ Arabic ar /google_set_my language ar
đŸ‡Ļ🇲 Armenian hy /google_set_my language hy
🇧🇩 Bengali bn /google_set_my language bn
đŸ‡Ē🇸 Catalan ca /google_set_my language ca
🇨đŸ‡ŗ Chinese cmn /google_set_my language cmn
🇭🇷 Croatian hr /google_set_my language hr
🇨đŸ‡ŋ Czech cs /google_set_my language cs
🇩🇰 Danish da /google_set_my language da
đŸ‡ŗ🇱 Dutch nl /google_set_my language nl
đŸ‡ē🇸 English en /google_set_my language en
đŸ‡ĩ🇭 Filipino fil /google_set_my language fil
đŸ‡Ģ🇮 Finnish fi /google_set_my language fi
đŸ‡Ģ🇷 French fr /google_set_my language fr
🇩đŸ‡Ē German de /google_set_my language de
đŸ‡Ŧ🇷 Greek el /google_set_my language el
🇮🇩 Hindi hi /google_set_my language hi
🇭đŸ‡ē Hungarian hu /google_set_my language hu
🇮🇸 Icelandic is /google_set_my language is
🇮🇩 Indonesian id /google_set_my language id
🇮🇹 Italian it /google_set_my language it
đŸ‡¯đŸ‡ĩ Japanese ja /google_set_my language ja
🇮🇩 Javanese jv /google_set_my language jv
🇰🇭 Khmer km /google_set_my language km
🇰🇷 Korean ko /google_set_my language ko
🇱đŸ‡ģ Latvian lv /google_set_my language lv
🇲🇾 Malayalam ml /google_set_my language ml
🇮đŸ‡ŗ Marathi mr /google_set_my language mr
đŸ‡ŗđŸ‡ĩ Nepali ne /google_set_my language ne
đŸ‡ŗ🇴 Norwegian nb /google_set_my language nb
đŸ‡ĩ🇱 Polish pl /google_set_my language pl
đŸ‡ĩ🇹 Portuguese pt /google_set_my language pt
🇷🇴 Romanian ro /google_set_my language ro
🇷đŸ‡ē Russian ru /google_set_my language ru
🇷🇸 Serbian sr /google_set_my language sr
🇱🇰 Sinhala si /google_set_my language si
🇸🇰 Slovak sk /google_set_my language sk
đŸ‡Ē🇸 Spanish es /google_set_my language es
🇮🇩 Sundanese su /google_set_my language su
🇹đŸ‡ŋ Swahili sw /google_set_my language sw
🇸đŸ‡Ē Swedish sv /google_set_my language sv
🇮đŸ‡ŗ Tamil ta /google_set_my language ta
🇮đŸ‡ŗ Telugu te /google_set_my language te
🇹🇭 Thai th /google_set_my language th
🇹🇷 Turkish tr /google_set_my language tr
đŸ‡ēđŸ‡Ļ Ukranian uk /google_set_my language uk
đŸ‡ģđŸ‡ŗ Vietnamese vi /google_set_my language vi

⌨ī¸ Source Code

If you're interested in seeing how this provider works, you can head over to the GoogleProvider.js file in the repo, or check this embed.

Last update: March 25, 2022
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