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📖 Description

Send a Text-to-Speech message in your voice channel using the Aeiou Provider.

If you insert a mention to a user, channel or role, the bot will read-out the name of the mentioned entity. Also, when using a custom emoji, the bot will read its name.

Keep in Mind

Regular emojis are not supported by this provider. If your message includes regular emojis, they will be ignored.

❓ Can Be Used By

Can be used by anyone in the server. You need to be inside a voice channel before to be able to say something.

Make sure that the bot has enough permissions to connect and speak in your voice channel.

🔨 Parameters

Running this command requires the following parameters:

  • <message> - Required: The message to say in your voice channel.

🎈 Usage

You can run this command by typing:

/aeiou_say <message>

For example:


ℹī¸ Other Information

Some extra information to take into account:

  • Can only be run from a server.
  • Can only be run from a NSFW channel.
  • Saves data from the user.

Last update: February 13, 2022
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