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📖 Description

Display a list of the voices supported by the Amazon Provider (TTS Tool).

You can use /amazon_set_my to change the voice to be used by the Amazon Provider (TTS Tool) for yourself. To change the voice to be used by default on the server (for people who have not set their own settings before), use /amazon_set_default.

❓ Can Be Used By

Can be used by anyone in the server.

🔨 Parameters

Running this command requires the following parameters:

  • <language> - Optional: The language to check the voices for. If you don't include this, the command will display the available voices for the language you currently have set.

🎈 Usage

You can run this command by typing:

/amazon_voices <language?>

For example:


ℹī¸ Other Information

Some extra information to take into account:

  • Can only be run from a server.
  • Can only be run from a NSFW channel.
  • Saves data from the user.

Last update: March 27, 2022
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